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Post-RISE Conference key takes from the perspective of a developer

RISE Conference

  • Lesson #1 - Contribute to open source. Sharing is caring. Usually the ticket price whatever it is - is not worth it for a developer. You should be contributing anyway, even its your own github blog.
  • Lesson #2 - Seek out tech companies (mainly the ones who are unicorns) and learn from them. Unicorn companies also have swag (which make other developers envious)! My favorite standouts this year was Facebook and Stripe. I missed the Stripe workshops (sad), however I went to the facebook workshop. Theres some neat stuff in it for developers. Particularly account kit.
  • Lesson #3 - If you need to do networking, do it at night. That’s when the real stuff happens. Always have a namecard (even if you’re not working). At least have a personal domain name with your name at minimum, and maybe a blog.


In summary, the best value is for developers comes to those in tech decision making roles (i.e. CTO / Founder), however if you’re one of those UX types you might be interested too. The facebook workshop has some UX tips for account kit. (I still don’t understand why people build apps and ignore all the UX best practices).

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